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Can I have multiple accounts in SouthXchange?

No. Only one account per person is permitted. People that create multiple accounts in SouthXchange risk having their accounts closed and their coins partially or completely confiscated.

Can I use your service as a long-term wallet?

You should never use an exchange (this or any other) as a long-term wallet. You should only use it as a temporary wallet while you trade. Once you are done you should withdraw immediately. We do our best to protect customer funds as much as possible,

What are the chat rules?

You will be banned if you don't follow these rules:. In some cases, the system will not ban you right away, but instead, you will be disconnected as explained here. New unverified users (registered within the last 7 days) can only chat in the 'Newbie

Why am I getting logged out of SouthXchange?

Users misbehaving in the chat room are logged out and have their passwords disabled. If it happens to you then you will have to reset your password to regain access to your account.

What are the coin classes?

We classify coins in four categories based on the publicly available information, the development team activity, the vulnerabilities discovered, and the risk of having 51% attacks, among other things. The classes are:. A+: Outstanding top-level coins