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Why can't I withdraw? What are "Holds"?

A "Hold" is a restriction in your account that prevents you from withdrawing some or all of your coins. When you have a hold, we will make sure your account is worth at least the amount you have on hold. If at any point you attempt to withdraw coins

Can I deposit FIAT?

Yes, depositing FIAT is possible, but it is only available to buy BTC or ETH. If you go to > Wallets: USD, ETH OR BTC. You will find your ways to deposit FIAT:. - USD:. This link will redirect you to your BTCs wallet. - BTC:. Here you can deposit USD

Why do I lose deposits that are below the minimum?

In our exchange we use a shared wallet model, meaning that all users are depositing in the same wallet. This is standard practice for all centralized exchanges. When you send coins to the deposit address assigned to you, those coins are pooled with o

I deposited coin X in a deposit address of coin Y. Can I recover the coins?

It depends on the coins involved. In some cases, the coins are lost. In other cases, we can recover them. You should create a support ticket and we will look into it. Please keep in mind that the recovery process will take a very long time (months),

Why is the withdrawal confirmation link not working?

When you request a withdrawal an email is sent to you with a link. You need to click this link to start the withdrawal. This link only works once. After 1 hour, the link will expire, and won't work. So if your withdrawal link is not working then it c

Why is my BTC withdrawal taking long to confirm in the network?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and its network sometimes gets congested. When there is congestion, transactions compete with each other for a slot in a block. Transactions with higher fees have priority. Once a transaction gets included i

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network (⚡) is a payment protocol that operates on top of some blockchains, like Bitcoin and Litecoin. It enables instant payments between participating nodes. That means payments are settled within seconds and you don't need to wait fo

Are there withdrawal limitations?

Yes, there are daily withdrawal limits. These limits are dynamic and are constantly changing. In most cases limits are high enough to not cause disruptions, but if you try to withdraw a high amount compared to our total funds you may hit these limits

Can a payment through Lightning Network be proved?

A confirmed Lightning Network withdrawal will include the preimage in the hash field. The preimage is a secret value that is generated by the receiver (the node that generated the invoice). This value remains secret until the payment is received. The