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Getting Started

Create an Account & Log in

Open an account on our main website. Please read our Terms Of Service before creating the account, you will probably find out some rules that will prevent you from committing mistakes that can result in assets being lost. After confirming registratio

Personal Identification

To prevent fraud and to make any account-related changes, we will ask you to verify your identity from time to time. We also ask you to verify your identity to ensure no one but you changes your payment information. All Identification Documents must

How do I deposit coins?

Go to Wallets and pick the coin you want to deposit. When you are into the coins wallet, select Deposit and you will find your coin wallet address. This is the address where you receive the selected currency/coin, and it is the one required on the wi

How do I withdraw coins?

Go to Wallets and pick the coin you want to withdraw. Once inside, select Withdraw, write down your wallet's address or email address if you want to send funds to another SouthXchange's address, put the amount of coins you want to withdraw, and confi

How do I trade coins?

Once you have your coins deposited, you can trade them for other coins. When you go to the market's section, you can see all the paired coins available for trading. You can search for the coin you have available to trade, and look there for the paire

Where is the main menu?

You can find the main menu by clicking the "X" logo at the top left corner:.

How do I play the Dice game?

You can find a very good article here.

How do I add my coin?

Thank you for your interest in having your project listed in SouthXchange, the best crypto exchange in South America awarded by ADVFN!. In SouthXchange we use a voting mechanism to select coins to be listed. Every Wednesday we pick the most voted coi

What are Faucets?

Faucets are small amounts of coins that all users can claim every 3 hours. These are pools made by users so other users start to take interest in a specific coin. Every user can manage its own faucet. Keep in mind that the amount put in the pool will