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How do I add my coin?Updated 3 years ago

Thank you for your interest in having your project listed in SouthXchange, the best crypto exchange in South America awarded by ADVFN!

In SouthXchange we use a voting mechanism to select coins to be listed. Every Wednesday we pick the most voted coin of the week. Only one coin is selected. You can vote with SouthXchange Coin (SXCC). 1 SXCC equals 1 vote, but you can send multiple votes together or even a fraction of a vote. Only coins with at least 250000 votes (250 thousand) are considered for listing. Coins at the top of the list with less than 250000 votes are not listed. Votes are cumulative from week to week, which means votes are not "burned" or anything like that. Votes are non-refundable, so please make sure you vote for the right coin.

You can get SXCC freely from the faucet (not always available) or our giveaways on our Discord server, or you can buy it in the SXCC/BTC market.

If you want to submit your coin then please complete this form. We will check your request and then it will be added to the public coin voting list.

Keep in mind that we will only accept candidates that are compatible with our exchange. Coins that are not supported will not be added to the voting list. Make sure you correctly specify the type of your coin. Specifying the wrong type of your coin can cause your coin to win the weekly voting but then to be unable to be listed! No refunds will be given in these cases.

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