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Terms of ServiceUpdated 3 years ago

Using SouthXchange implies your acceptance of the following terms:

  1. These terms apply to the service running on and its subdomains, referred to as SouthXchange from now on.
  2. SouthXchange is a currency exchange intermediary. It provides a mechanism for users to trade assets among themselves. SouthXchange is never buying or selling to users directly.
  3. Any person wishing to use SouthXchange services must create an account in SouthXchange. This person is called a user.
  4. A given person can have at most one account in SouthXchange. Having multiple accounts is considered a violation of these terms.
  5. SouthXchange may require personal identification at any point. Users not willing to provide this information after it has been asked cannot continue using SouthXchange. Their continuing use of SouthXchange services is considered a violation of these terms.
  6. SouthXchange holds virtual assets from users. These assets belong to users, not to SouthXchange.
  7. SouthXchange can charge fees for providing its services.
  8. SouthXchange is authorized to deduct fees of item 7 from user accounts.
  9. SouthXchange can deactivate any account at its sole discretion.
  10. SouthXchange can temporarily block a user from accessing their assets if there is any conflict regarding the ownership or source of those funds. Access may remain blocked until the investigation is complete.
  11. SouthXchange cannot be used to receive periodic payouts directly from mining or staking pools. Payouts must be sent to some other wallet and from there to SouthXchange.
  12. SouthXchange cannot be used to receive freshly minted coins including but not limited to newly mined coins, newly staked coins, and superblock rewards. Freshly minted coins must be sent to some other wallet and from there to SouthXchange.
  13. SouthXchange can choose to keep any assets in deactivated accounts as compensation if these accounts are deactivated because of a violation of these terms.
  14. Users are fully responsible for using all available means to secure their accounts, including but not limited to a strong password, two-factor authentication, a secure email address, and a secure computer or device free of malicious software and hardware.
  15. SouthXchange is not liable for any loss as a consequence of software or hardware bugs or malfunction, security breach (either in SouthXchange systems or user accounts), confiscation of property, natural events, or any other event that results in assets being taken away from SouthXchange's direct control.
  16. These terms can be updated, extended or otherwise modified in any way without notice. Users are required to monitor these terms periodically.

If you don't agree with one or more terms then please refrain from using SouthXchange.

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