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I tried to buy or sell coins but I didn't receive any coins or received less than expected. Why?

SouthXchange does not sell or buy coins from users. SouthXchange is simply a marketplace. Users place orders and, when two orders match, a trade is produced and coins are exchanged (traded) between the two users. If you placed an order and you receiv

How do I cancel an order?

You can only cancel orders that are pending. To cancel an order go to the market where you placed the order and look for the pending orders below the price graph, on the left side. There you will see an option to cancel each order.

I canceled an order but coins were not returned to me. Why?

When you place an order coins are not taken from you. They remain in your account until the order executes, i.e. until there is a trade. Note: You will see the balance move from "available" to "in orders", but that is simply a visual aid and there ar

What is the minimum allowed amount for an order?

A valid order must have a non-zero amount, and also amount x price must be non-zero. In other words, an order that would trade something for nothing will be rejected. Keep in mind that these values are rounded to the precision of the coin, so a very